Bad Behaviour Exhibition

We are back with Bad Behaviour Open 2016 an exhibition providing an opportunity for a number of current and talented contemporary artists of various ages, backgrounds and at all stages of their creative careers.

We are delighted that this year’s Open will be supported by Elemental Design, a local company in Brixton. Elemental Design has been creating compelling visual environments for 25 years, working with countless major brands including Harrods, L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Veuve Clicquot and Giorgio Armani. By creating the most seductive surroundings in which to present merchandise we have an excellent track record of dynamically increasing sales, from apparel to fragrance; jewellery to champagne.

Now in its fifth year, Bad Behaviour continues to contribute to the rich, diverse and cultural landscape of Brixton, South London.

Exhibiting Artists :

Alison Berry, Gary Lowe, Martin Grover , David Jane, Lesley O’Mara, Joanna Boxall, Olivia Urquhart, Lewi Quinn, Ikra Arshad, Gemma Nelson, Tom Mason, Araba Ocran, Vic Bateman, Zelda Rhiando, Atilla Schwanz, Tessa Kellett, Sabina Pieper, Ryan Orme, Nikki Allford, Nicholas Vaughan, Matthew Hayward, Matt Bannister, Linda Skoglund, Linda Hubbard, Justin DL, Kevin Broughton and Fiona Birnie, Lucia Gomez, Alice Irwin, Benjamin Nyari, Frances Sousa, Harland Viney, Jack N. F. Tatham, James Paddock, Jan Turner, Jorge Mansilla, Joshua Hill-Walsh, Jane Oldfield, Paul Malone, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Shona Davies, Dave Monaghan and Jon Klein (DMK), Stacey Guthrie, Purple Moustacho, Diogo Duarte.

Curated by Araba Ocran and Finnula Campbell

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